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The Apps menu displays a list of applications that are registered for the ‘Users’ profile.

  1. After logging in to EcoSys Mobile App, the Apps page appears with the list of available applications for that EcoSys instance.

  2. Select the application from the list to open it.

    The card list screen appears that displays the card list view for the selected application.

    • Select the ellipsis at the top of the Mobile App to access the list of global functions. To access the desired function, select the function name menu that appears.

      If there is no ellipsis at the top of the Mobile App, then the Mobile App does not have any functions configured.

    • Select the on the right pane of the card to view the operations specific to that card.

      If there is no ellipsis on the right pane of the card, then there are no configured operations for the card.

  3. To go back to the Apps page, select and select Apps.