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You can now enable the "Source Report" in the Options tab of Actions.

  1. Navigate to Actions

  2. Click the Options tab, and select the Source Report Option.

    Under the Source Report, you have an option Create New / Update Existing. This option is used to create new objects from Source Report only if corresponding matching objects are missing in the action subject area.

  3. Click Update Logic tab and click Use value from Source Report field option if you want to use values from corresponding Source Report column.

    If the action field is a lookup field, it has an option to override resolution using the same list of options as for parameter resolution. If Source Report is selected and enabled, then that many rows will be created in the action subject area as rows are retrieved from Source Report.

  • Each existing row selected according to the action Row Filter will be updated from the Source Report column(s) only if the matching row has been found in the Source Report​

  • Source Report must include Internal ID column for its subject area. ​

  • Action definition should have a field with the same Field ID as Source Report Internal ID column. This column is called matching column. ​

  • Matching column should not have an update logic in the action. ​

  • If matching row are be found in the Source Report, the entire action subject area row is skipped. ​