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Administration & Configuration
EcoSys Standard Version

In the Tasks screen, you can add, update, or delete contract-related tasks.

To view the contract related tasks,

  • Navigate to Admin > Contracts Admin > Tasks.

    You can customize the view of the Contracts, Contract Lines, Changes, RFIs, Transmittal, Submittal, Safety Item, Payment Certs, Meetings, Lesson Learned, and Punch List spreadsheet from the view settings.

  • To view the contracts, click the Contracts tab.

  • To view the contract lines, click the Contract Lines tab.

  • To view the contract changes, click the Changes tab.

  • To view the RFIs, click the RFIs tab.

  • To view the transmittals, click the Transmittal tab.

  • To view the submittal, click the Submittal tab.

  • To view the safety items, click the Safety Item tab.

  • To view the payment certs, click the Payment Certs tab.

  • To view the meetings, click the Meetings tab.

  • To view the lessons learned, click the Lesson Learned tab.

  • To view the punch lists, click the Punch List tab.