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To use deep links in Visual workflow emails:

  1. Navigate to Configure > Visual Workflows.

  2. Go to your visual workflow and click Visual Design tab.

  3. In the Command and Properties dialog box, select the screen Layout.that you want to appear as deep link.

    Once the screen layout option is set, any parameters that are included when starting the visual workflow would be passed to the screen layout. When an email is generated from Visual workflow, a link appears that directs you to the deep link using which you can access the desired screen.

  4. A deep link is then available to the user in following two places

    • The Visual Work flow email sent to the users of the step will now include a link ‘For more information relevant to this step in the workflow

    • When viewing the Step in the Visual Workflow Manager, the step will have a link for ‘More Information’.

To use deep links in Email Workflow Actions, the URL and associated parameters need to be constructed as part of the Actions configuration in the message body.

The URL would be in the form of http://server:port/ecosys/permalink/<Screen Layout ID>/?<ParameterID1>=<ParameterValue1>&<ParameterID2>=<ParameterValue2>


The Screen Layout parameters Permalink resolution settings must match the values being sent.