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For production environments, it is important to have backups of the components that store data within Connect to recover a lost environment of data.

There following are the 3 components in Connect that store data:

  • The SQL Server or Oracle configuration database

  • The LogStore stores execution log history

  • The DataStore stores save points to support resend.

The SQL Server or Oracle database should be regularly backed up using the appropriate vendor tools.

For the Connect Cluster, a backup/restore solution is provided using Velero which will back up the entire cluster. If the data, resource group, or the cluster is lost, the entire environment can be restored in a couple of steps.

The following 2 restore scenarios are supported:

  • The loss of the entire cluster and/or resource group: In this case, the old cluster and/or restore group will be deleted and a new set of resources will be created. The backup will be restored to retain the Connect environment with all the saved data.

  • The loss of a namespace or some components within the namespace: In this case, the resource group and cluster still exist and work, but there is a loss of the namespace or container. For this restore, the cluster will be cleaned up and then the backup will be restored to bring back the Connect environment with all the saved data.

Backups and restores are only supported on environments with production set to true. For Dev/Test environments Jobs, connectors, repositories, authenticators and agents can be preserved by exporting the required jobs.