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EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration (Azure Kubernetes Service)

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You cannot upgrade to Connect 2,0 directly as it uses a different architecture compared to Connect 1.1. Instead, the existing Connect configuration can be used to seed a new Connect 2.0 environment.

  • During the upgrade from 1.1 to 2.0, the execution history for all jobs will be lost. It is recommended that all jobs are in a completed/successful state before upgrading so that any log information is not required. It is also recommended to purge all existing job execution.

  • All Jobs, Repositories, and other configuration will be preserved as the Connect configuration database will be preserved.

To use an existing Connect 1.1 database while installing a new Connect 2.0 environment, follow the installation steps in the Install Connect using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Do not create a new configuration database, when you setup Configuration Database. (Refer to Setup Connect Configuration Database ). Instead, preserve your existing configuration database and follow the steps in this section to upgrade the schema to the latest version.