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EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration (Azure Kubernetes Service)

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Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure all the pre-requisites are met

  2. Installation tools for Kubectl and Helm (See Installation Tools)

  3. Setup Connect database in Oracle or SQL Server (See Setup Connect Configuration Database)

  4. Create Azure AKS Cluster (See Create an Azure AKS Cluster )

  5. Install Connect Config-Server, Dispatcher and LogAgent (See Install Config-Server, Dispatcher, and LogAgent )

  6. Install Connect DataStore and Agent (See Install DataStore and Agent)

  7. Accessing the Connect UI and configuring Connect in Ecosys (See Access Connect UI and configure Connect in EcoSys )

  8. Setup Velero backup and restores of the Kubernetes cluster (See Setup Velero backup and restores of the Kubernetes cluster)