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EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration (Azure Kubernetes Service)

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Once the Config-Server, Dispatcher, and LogAgent are running, the Agent can be installed.

Follow these steps:

  1. Configure the ../../helm/connect-agent/values.yaml and update the settings.

  2. Run the ‘./ <parameters>’ to install the Connect Platform. The following are the required parameters:

    • <config-server-password>: the password that Config Server clients will use to retrieve configuration

    • <connect-passphrase>: the passphrase that Connect will use for Password-based Encryption.

    • <datastore-db-password>: the admin user password for the DataStore

    • <datastore-db-backup-password>: the backup user password for the DataStore

  3. When the script completes, it displays a message of ‘STATUS: deployed’. The script deploys Connect into the Kubernetes Cluster, to determine if Connect has started successfully.

  4. Run ‘kubectl get deployments -n <AGENT_NAMESPACE>’

    There are two deployments – config-server, dispatcher and logagent. Each have 1/1 in the Ready Column.

    It can take several minutes for Connect to initialize after starting.

  5. If the deployment status is not correct, run ‘kubectl get pods -n <AGENT_NAMESPACE>’ to check the status of the pods.

  6. If the pods fail to start, additional log information can be found by running the following:

    kubectl logs <POD ID> -n <AGENT _NAMESPACE>


    kubectl describe pod <POD ID> -n <AGENT _NAMESPACE>

    The <AGENT_NAMESPACE> is the value set for AGENT_NAMESPACE in the file.

  7. Make sure to preserve the install and helm folders for future use. These files/settings will be used for restores and upgrades in the future.