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EcoSys Connect Installation and Configuration (Azure Kubernetes Service)

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To create the Azure AKS cluster and deploy/configure/manage EcoSys Connect, you must have a Linux machine to execute a set of scripts.

The installation scripts are currently supported on the following Linux versions.

Linux Version


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 22.04 LTS


Red Hat 8

Python 3 – Ensure python 3 is pre-installed by executing ‘python3’. If not, install Python3 before continuing.

Pip3 – Ensure pip3 is pre-installed by executing ‘pip3’. If not, install Pip3 before continuing.

ruamel and yamlpath – run the following two commands to install the required python modules for yaml parsing

pip3 install ruamel.yaml --user
pip3 install yamlpath --user

The Linux machine is only for the installation process and not part of the Connect execution.

  1. Kubectl - Refer to Kubernetes Documentation

  2. Helm - Refer to Installing Helm

  3. Istioctl - Refer to the section Install istioctl in Using the Istioctl Command-line Tool

    Part of installing Istio is adding the Istio client to your path. If you close your session, this will need to be re-run or set via your profile.

  4. Azure CLI – Refer to How to install the Azure CLI