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EcoSys Connect is accessible only through the EcoSys application and it requires and OAuth token provider such as OKTA.

Follow the steps below to access Connect platform:

  1. From the EcoSys application, navigate to System Admin –> Application Settings.

  2. Click Trusted Apps tab.

    By default, Connect Trusted app is not set.

  3. In the OAuth Client Credentials tab, enter the details below:

    1. App URL– EcoSys Connect URL, https://<>/connect

    2. Token URL– Enter the Token URL of OAuth provider

    3. Client ID – Specify the Client ID of OAuth provider

    4. Client Secret – Specify the client secret from OAuth provider.

    5. Scope – Specify the scope from OAuth provider.

  4. Click Save under Operation field.

    The trusted app gets registered in EcoSys.

Add Connect as a Menu Type in EcoSys

You can add EcoSys Connect as a new menu type in EcoSys for easy access.

To add a new menu type in EcoSys:

  1. From the EcoSys application, navigate to System Admin > Edit Menu.

  2. From the sub menu, select System Admin.

  3. Under Attributes, enter the following:

    1. Caption – Specify the name of the trusted app

    2. Type – Select the Type as Trusted Type

    3. App Select the name of the app as EcoSys Connect

  4. Click Save.

    The trusted app (EcoSys Connect) appears in the Menu list. When you click EcoSys Connect which is added in the Menu type, it will open Connect in a separate browser tab.

Security and Licensing

The following table lists the Connect security access and permissions for EcoSys users.

EcoSys User License Type

Connect Permissions




Organization Planner


Project Planner

Read, Execute

Organization Approver

Read, Execute

Financial Administrator

Read, Execute

Enterprise Data Administrator

Read, Execute

Integration Administrator

Read, Write, Execute

Systems Administrator

Read, Write, Execute

Systems Administrator Plus User

Read, Write, Execute

EcoSys Connect cannot be accessed directly. Access and security is controlled through EcoSys.