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Data Integrity Checker Utility Guide

Intergraph Smart Instrumentation
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  1. In the Instrumentation folder, navigate to and open the DataIntegrityChecker folder.

  2. Double click on the Data Integrity Checker Utility icon Com_AppIcon_Instrumentation_Data_Integrity_Checker_128px.

  3. In the Data Integrity Checker Utility window, from the select list, select the Domain on which you want to run the integrity check.

  4. Click Check.

    SHARED Tip A progress bar is displayed in the Data Integrity Checker Utility window along with the percentage checked.

  5. When the check is complete one of the following happens:

    • A message is displayed saying that no problems were found, you can just close the utility.

    • A link is displayed with the number of issues found, click the link to open the Issues Summary dialog box.

      In either event, we also recommended that you check the Log file located in the Log folder in the DataIntegrityChecker folder.

  6. In the Issues Summary dialog box, the following statuses are displayed:

    • Ready to repair – Indicates a problem was discovered that theData Integrity Checker Utility can repair.

    • Manual repair – Indicates that a problem has identified issues that requires further investigation by Hexagon support.

  7. Select the check boxes next to the issues you want to repair.

    SHARED Tip You can select the check box at the top of the check box column to select all the issues.

  8. Click Repair, the software runs the SQL queries and fixes all the selected issues.

  9. When finished the selected issues are displayed with their status:

    • Manual Repair

    • Repaired

If the status Manual Repair is displayed next to one or more items, select the items and click Export File. An Excel file is created of the selected issues. Send this file to Customer Support.

To export the Issues file, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your machine.