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Release Notes/Bulletin

The following sections describe known issues related to this version of the product.

DTU may throw an error when attempting to deploy Data Sources if you do not have a valid Extractor Runtime Directory.

When deploying Data Sources on a Device, DC3 does not write out a Collection Configuration zip file to the Device's File Collection Source folder. A Collection Configuration will only be deployed if it is using a Schedule Extraction Event and has a valid Extractor Runtime Directory defined.

Transfer action must run before Host action in Task Scheduler.

The transfer action (/a:transfer) should run under a Network Service account. The host action (/a:host) should run under a Local System account.

Because of the permission/account required to write to the log(s), the Transfer action must run before the Host action in Task Scheduler so that the log is created using the Network Service account. If the Host action runs first, the log will be created with a higher level permission and will not get updated when the transfer action runs.

Results of PowerShell Query

DC3 requires computer names to be valid, unique NetBIOS names, adhering to the Microsoft NetBIOS Computer Naming standards.

While computer names should follow the naming standards, there are times when they may not. For those instances, the user should determine the correct, unique computer name to be used in DC3 and manually modify the CSV with that information.

DCCs must be applied to a device

Any DCCs configured in DC3 2.2 not applied to a device will not be migrated as they will have no Data Source information to migrate.

Old installation folder does not get deleted after an upgrade

If you are upgrading from a previous version of DC3 prior to 3.0, the old installation folder, C:\PAS by default, does not get deleted. You need to manually delete this folder.