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Release Notes/Bulletin

The Data Collection Control Center (DC3) utility uses scripts to transport files from one location to another. The transport method can use Windows file copy, Robocopy, FTP, or SFTP. With DC3, you can transport a set of collected configuration data to the Integrity server or data collector where it can be imported into Integrity. The design of DC3 minimizes complicated configuration-dependent variations and provide a dependable tool to transport data using scripts.

DC3 has the following components:

  • Several scripts that work together to transport files and provide health status information.

  • A user interface to configure the scripts and define the transfer path and process.

  • A Windows service that can unzip the data on the root parent device, as well as write out updated scripts to be pulled down the deployment diagram.

This release offers a more complete solution for project deployment by utilizing Microsoft Group Policy to reduce configuration complexity and deployment time.

Updates to Deployment Diagram

  • Moved the Process FCD button from the Settings tab to the Deployment Diagram and renamed it to Refresh Status of Devices.

  • Location for toggling the service state has moved from the Settings tab to the Deployment Diagram.