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Installation & Upgrade

The latest CAESAR II release delivers new and extended capabilities in response to current market requirements and feedback from the CAESAR II user community.

CAESAR II Version 13.00


  • Added support for ASME B31J - 2017 for stress intensification factors (i-Factors) and flexibility factors (k-Factors) in the 2020 editions of the ASME B31.1, B31.3, and B31.9 piping codes. Supports the optional use of B31J with other metallic piping codes. See SIFs & Tees and Bend. (RI-TX-36876)

  • Integrated ASME B31J SIFs and flexibilities into the software. See Bend, Reducer, SIFs & Tees, Bend SIF Scratchpad, Intersection SIF Scratchpad, Miscellaneous Data, and B31J Methods. (RI-TX-36876)

  • Integrated ASME B31J SIFs and flexibilities into Static Analysis. (RI-TX-36876)

  • Integrated ASME B31J SIFs and flexibilities into Miscellaneous reports, including display of default values used in calculations when input values are outside of allowed B3J ranges. (RI-TX-36876, CR-TX-40240)

  • Added options for applying B31J SIFs and flexibilities to the Configuration Editor. (CR-TX-37436)

  • Removed the outdated calculation modules SIFs @ Intersections and SIFs @ Bends, which are replaced by the new B31J integration. (CR-TX-39928)

  • Added a B31J Methods technical discussion to the help. (RI-TX-36876)

Codes and Standards

  • Added support for multiple piping code editions. The support includes updating the piping code user interface throughout the software to support both the CAESAR II version 12 code editions and the new editions added to version 13. A detailed dialog explains the code edition changes that occur if you open and save a job file created in an earlier software version. See Open an existing piping input file and Legacy Piping Code Editions and Jobs Created with Previous CAESAR II Versions. (CR-TX-16559, CR-TX-20368, RI-TX-39415)

  • Added support for the following piping code editions:

    • B31.1 (power piping) - 2020 edition. (RI-TX-36526)

    • B31.3 and B31.3 Chapter IX (process piping) - 2020 edition. (RI-TX-37237)

    • B31.5 (refrigeration piping & heat transfer) - 2019 edition. (RI-TX-37238)

    • B31.8 and B31.8 Chapter VIII (gas transmission & distribution) - 2020 edition. (RI-TX-38626)

    • B31.9 (building services) - 2017 and 2020 editions. (RI-TX-37239)

    • EN-13480-3:2017/A4:2021. (RI-TX-37250)

  • Added support for the following wind and seismic code editions:

    • National Building Code of Canada - 2015 edition - Wind and Seismic. (RI-TX-40167)

    • International Building Code (IBC) - 2018 edition – Wind and Seismic. (RI-TX-40167)

  • Updated equipment code API 610 to the 12th edition, January 2021. (CR-TX-39970)

Material and Content

  • Added spring sizes 000, 00, 23 and 24 for the VSS, VSM, and VSL springs to the Unison hanger tables. Also added the new extended working range VST and VSQ springs. (CR-TX-30758)

  • Added support for the UK 1996 structural database, including British square hollow sections (SHS) and updated T shapes (TUB and TUC). (RI-TX-39056)

  • Updated the materials required for the ASME B31.3 2020 edition. (DI-TX-39324)

  • Updated the materials required for the ASME B31.9 2017 edition. (CR-TX-36435)

  • Updated the materials required for ASME Section VIII 2021 edition. (CR-TX-39694)

  • Implemented the complete flange database for EN 1092 (RI-TX-37250)

  • Updated the Pipe Support Systems GmbH International (PSSI) spring hangers catalog to the 2010 edition. (CR-TX-40881)

Main Window

Piping Input

Static Analysis

  • Added a Fluid Density Multiplier (FDM) to the Static Load Case Editor. This multiplier allows you to adjust the fluid density for each load case. Help includes a technical discussion about FDM. (RI-TX-35041)

  • Added a B31.3 minimum design metal temperature (MDMT) stress type to the Static Load Case Editor. Added a B31.3 reduced MDMT value based on the stress ratio. Also added an MDMT Report to the Static Output Processor. Added a technical discussion about MDMT. (RI-TX-33548)


Output and Reports

External Interfaces

  • Improved the PCF processing algorithm for Smart 3D PCF and Advanced PCF Import to adjust unit conversion tolerances when converting nominal pipe diameters to actual diameters. (CR-TX-38522)

Operating System