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Installation & Upgrade

This section explains the CAESAR II basic operation, and steps you through a quick static piping analysis.

The main steps required to perform a static analysis are:

  1. Starting CAESAR II

  2. Create a new job

  3. Generate piping input

  4. Check for errors in the model

  5. Build load cases

  6. Run a static analysis

  7. Review static output

  • The CAESAR II Applications Guide includes complete tutorials.

  • The CAESAR II User's Guide provides complete command instructions.

  • CAESAR II requires installation of Intergraph Smart Licensing, which obtains license keys from a cloud server. If you are planning to work offline or otherwise suspect internet access could be limited, such as when visiting a customer site, you must check out a license while you have internet access. For more information, see Checkout in Intergraph Smart Licensing Help.