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Installation & Upgrade

Use the nomenclature definitions below throughout CAESAR II unless a code section specifically provides a different definition.

Am - Cross-sectional metal area in the pipe.

B1 - Primary stress index (component specific)

B2 - Primary stress index (component specific)

Di - Internal diameter

Dm - Mean diameter

Do - Outer diameter

dT - Change in temperature

E - Elastic modulus

f - Cyclic reduction factor

F1 - Hoop stress design factor

Fax - Axial force

FAC - A unitless factor used for a number of purposes depending on the piping code. For more information, see the CAESAR II User's Guide.

i - Stress intensification factor

ii - In-plane stress intensification factor

io - Out-of-plane stress intensification factor

ia - Axial stress intensification factor

it -Torsional stress intensification factor

I - Sustained moment index

Ii - Sustained in-plane moment index

Io - Sustained out-of-plane moment index

Ia - Sustained axial force index

It - Sustained torsional moment index

k - Occasional load factor

Ma - Resultant moment due to weight and other sustained loadings

Mb - Resultant moment due to occasional loadings

Mc - Range of resultant moments due to expansion and displacement loadings

Mi - In-plane moment

Mo - Out-of-plane moment

Pi - Internal pressure

Pe - External pressure

R - Radius of pipe or bend

Sa - Axial stress

Sb - Bending stress

Sc - Cold allowable stress (ambient or reference temperature)

Se - Equivalent stress (von Mises or Tresca)

Sh - Hot allowable stress

Shoop - Hoop stress

Sl - Longitudinal stress

Slp - Longitudinal pressure stress

Ss - Tangential shear stress

St - Torsion stress

SU - Ultimate tensile strength

Sy - Yield stress

T - Temperature derating factor

tn - Nominal wall thickness

Z - Pipe section modulus

Ze - Effective section modulus for branch

a - Coefficient of thermal expansion

n - Poisson’s ratio