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Installation & Upgrade

The following fixes have been made to CAESAR II:

CAESAR II Version 12.00 Service Pack 2

Piping Input

  • Fixed an issue where the Tees command displayed a tee in the graphic view at a size larger than the tee OD. (TR-TX-31044)

  • Fixed an issue with distorted graphics of bends with custom units. (TR-TX-37715)

  • Fixed an issue with piping graphics displaying as zoomed out due to large skewed directions of restraints. (TR-TX-37791)

Equipment & Component Analysis


  • Fixed an abort caused by node number formatting when generating output with stress annotations in Generate Stress Isometrics. (TR-TX-35548)

External Interfaces

  • Fixed an issue with the thermal expansion coefficient for EN-1591 Flanges. (TR-TX-36929)

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect restraint error message for EN-1591 Flanges. (TR-TX-36875)

  • Updated the input fields on the Loads - Input Tab of EN-1591 Flanges to improve the user experience. (TR-TX-37291)

  • Fixed an issue where identical TEE-STUB component definitions in two different .pcf files were not always merged after import. (DI-TX-35055)

  • Fixed a .pcf file import issue of missing supports near the end of a pipe when the distance to the end is within the software tolerance. (TR-TX-25221)

  • Fixed an issue with importing CADWorx files. (TR-TX-31754)

  • Fixed an issue with Condense Tees, Condense Elbows, and Condense Rigids in Import PCF and Advanced PCF Import (APCF). (DI-TX-35056)

Static and Dynamic Analysis

  • Corrected the size of rigid element display for Static Animation and Dynamic Animation. (TR-TX-36803)

  • Fixed an issue with zero-stiffness supports. The software now sets the support stiffness to zero instead of changing the support to rigid when the stiffness value is zero or very small. The analysis ignores supports with zero stiffness. (DI-TX-36021)



  • Stopped early display of the out-of-date version warning. (DI-TX-37570)

  • Fixed minor issues throughout the software to improve usability. (DI-TX-37747)

  • Fixed minor graphics issues throughout the software such as the display of restraints with custom units and occasional spikes in plotting rigids. (DI-TX-38101)


CAESAR II Version 12.00 Service Pack 1

Piping Input

  • For the B31.1, B31.3, B31.3 Ch.IX, B31.9, RCC-M C, HPGSL, and JPI piping codes, fixed an error in the warning messages when you define a pipe thickness less than the code-specified minimum thickness. Also expanded the warning message when using guide and limit restraints to clarify the element on which the software defines direction cosines.(TR-TX-15063)

  • For B31.1 and B31.3 piping codes, the software properly applies the weld reduction factors, Wc, to both ends of a reducer. (TR-TX-3623)

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect line numbers when deleting the element name of a rigid element. (TR-TX-34772)


  • Fixed an issue where weightless rigid elements incorrectly displayed at large sizes. Weightless rigid elements now display in the same thin proportions as they did in Version 2018. (TR-TX-33693)

Static Analysis

  • Fixed an issue with the equation 34a external allowance c0 in B31.3 Ch IX thickness calculations. (TR-TX-35770)

  • Fixed a non-converging solution for friction modeling of supports with no friction stiffness. (TR-TX-35834)

  • Changed the method used to determine whether axial stress or hoop stress governs as the code stress in ISO 14692 2017. The software now picks the stress nearest to its envelope boundary based on differences instead of the stress-to-allowable ratio. Because the 2017 allowable envelope defines negative values for the axial allowable stress, reports now display positive and negative stress, allowable stress, and ratio/percent values for the stress envelope. As a result, a negative ratio always means passing criteria. See ISO-14692, Stresses Report, and Stresses (Multiple Code/Allow) Report. (TR-TX-36032)

Output Processor

  • Adjusted formatting of the Miscellaneous report to improve legibility of the minT value. (TR-TX-15063)

  • Corrected the MDB export Restraint and Restraint Summary reports to display only load cases that include force in the output type. (TR-TX-32840)

External Interfaces

  • Fixed an issue with .pcf import of type B and C restraints. (TR-TX-1828)

  • Fixed an issue where .pcf unit definitions for weight were not used correctly during import. (TR-TX-6080)

  • Fixed an issue where a duplicate TEE-STUB component caused by identical definitions in two different .pcf files was not always removed after import. (DI-TX-35052)

  • Fixed an issue where the software did not always split elements at support locations on imported .pcf files. (DI-TX-35053)


  • Clarified the use of a ratio to determine the stiffness value of an anchor for rotational degrees of freedom. The ratio is rotational stiffness/translational stiffness in the units defined for the model. (TR-TX-27153)

  • Corrected an error on the ShortCut Keys list. (TR-TX-36003)

  • Corrected a nomenclature error in the FRP Poisson's ratio for strain in the axial direction. Also corrected inconsistencies in the use of n for Poisson's ratio throughout the help. (TR-TX-35302)

  • Removed an old dialog box reference in Saving an Image for Later Presentation. (CR-TX-37196)

CAESAR II 2020, Version 12

Static Analysis

  • Fixed an issue with the load vectors for constant effort supports incorrectly including the hanger hardware weight. (TR-TX-33103)

  • Fixed an issue with the assignment of the FRP thermal expansion coefficient to steel elements. This occurred when the first code was a steel code that was not explicitly selected and the last code was an FRP code. (TR-TX-33365)

  • For ASME NC-3658.3 flanged joint calculations, set the hydrotest (HYD) load cases to one times the yield (SUS) load cases. (CR-TX-21979)


  • Fixed a limitation on stress isometric generation caused by the order of branch and header creation for tees. (TR-TX-29897)

Output Processor

  • Added a horizontal scroll bar to the Load Cases Analyzed list in the Static Output Processor so that you can see an entire load case name when the name is very long (TR-TX-30990)


  • Fixed a performance issue with the Orbit operator when double clicking to select an element. (TR-TX- 33105)

External Interfaces

  • Fixed an issue where an CAESAR II file containing anchors and created in an earlier version of the software did not report the same results when the file was exported to a .mdb file. (TR-TX-29829)

  • Fixed an issue with the REVISION attribute when importing a .pcf file with Advanced PCF Import (APCF). (TR-TX-33154)


  • Fixed Dynamic Analysis equations. (TR-TX-33065)

  • Updated the description of the yield stiffness for bi-linear restraints, K2, to specify that values must be positive. (TR-TX-34195)


  • Fixed an issue where the Smart Licensing license report twice displayed the text Licensed to:. (TR-TX-32798)