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Installation & Upgrade

The latest CAESAR II release delivers new and extended capabilities in response to current market requirements and feedback from the CAESAR II user community.

CAESAR II Version 12.00 Service Pack 2

External Interfaces

  • Improved the PCF processing algorithm for Smart 3D PCF and Advanced PCF Import to minimize disconnected elements. Improvements include the handling of small elements, gaps, and overlaps; correcting an error when splitting elements at an intersection; converting units; handling of the coordinate origin; and rounding of delta values. (DI-TX-35054)


CAESAR II Version 12.00 Service Pack 1

External Interfaces

  • Mapped the MISC-HYGIENIC component to rigid for Smart 3D PCF and Advanced PCF Import. (CR-TX-34747)

Equipment & Component Analysis

  • API 661 heat exchanger analysis allows you to define Table 4 Multiplier to a value greater than 2.0. The software displays a warning when you define a value greater than 2.0. (CR-TX-31210)


  • Upgraded the software to support and optimally run the latest version of Intergraph Smart®Licensing. (DI-TX-34759)

CAESAR II Version 12.00

Piping, Equipment, and Environmental Codes

  • Updated the ASME B31.3 piping code to the 2018 edition and added support for lower temperature limits according to paragraphs 323.2.2 (a), (d), and (e). (DI-TX-30993, CR-TX-30992, DI-TX-33549, CR-TX-33550)

  • Updated the ASME B31.4 piping code to the 2019 edition. (DI-TX-32970)

  • Update the ASME B31.8 piping code to the 2018 edition. Also added a buckling calculator to determine buckling and lateral instability values. (DI-TX-26848, DI-TX-33555)

  • Updated the Canadian Z662 piping code to the 2019 edition. (DI-TX-31843)

Material and Content

  • Added AISC 2017 to the delivered structural databases. (CR-TX-32379)

  • Added support for the Bergen Pipe Supports V5 spring range. (CR-TX-28558)

External Interfaces

  • Added support in the AFT IMPULSE import for the set of direction cosines included in an .frc file. (CR-TX-33563)


  • Added support for Intergraph Smart®Licensing. The software no longer supports HASP keys or SmartPlant License Manager. (RI-TX-28848)

  • Fixed issues with the Configuration Editor related to other CAESAR II version installations. (DI-TX-31987)

  • Removed year branding from the CAESAR II version name. (CR-TX-32661)


  • Moved all Help online by default with improved search, custom book creation, and quick updates. (DI-TX-32666, CR-TX-33557)

  • Improved the content of the CAESAR II Quick Reference Guide. Moved the Getting Started section from the CAESAR II User's Guide to the Quick Reference Guide. Removed internal index numbers from the Configuration Options section. (DI-TX-30316)

  • Fixed table formatting and caption inconsistencies in the CAESAR II Application Guide. (DI-TX-30317)

  • Provided more information on how the software handles in-plane and out-plane stress intensification factors (SIFs) after FEA translation. Also provided more information on local coordinate definitions. (CR-TX-30323)

  • Improved command navigation information in the Main Window, External Interfaces, and Static Output Processor sections. (CR-TX-33900, CR-TX-33901, CR-TX-33902)