Existing Springs - No Design - CAESAR II - Reference Data

CAESAR II Applications Guide (2019 Service Pack 1)

Reference Data
11.0 (2019)

Entering Existing Spring Data

  1. Enter the Spring Rate and the Theoretical Cold Load (installation load, on a per hanger basis) values.

  2. Enter the number of Variable Support Hangers at the location.

The hanger design algorithm does not design hangers that are completely predefined. Other data can exist for the spring location, but this data is not used. Entered spring rates and theoretical cold loads are multiplied by the number of hangers at this location. CAESAR II requires the Theoretical Cold (Installation) Load to pre-define the spring where upward travel is positive.

Theoretical Cold Load = Hot Load + Travel x Spring Rate

Hot Load = 2000 pounds

Cold Load = 2000 pounds + abs(1.375*590)
= 2811 pounds