Create a SQL Server Database Alert - CADWorx - Installation & Upgrade

CADWorx Structure Installation

Installation & Upgrade
20.1 (2020 R1)
2020 R1 (4.1)

When the CADWorx database server is running low on disk space, the software begins to display error messages because data can no longer be persisted or logged. Microsoft SQL Server, however, does not issue any particular alerts for the workstation computers when the disk is full or becoming limited.

Using the Performance Monitor, the CADWorx administrator can create a Data Collector Set that contains an alert to be issued when a threshold value for a System Monitor has been reached. In response to the alert, System Monitor can launch an application to handle the alert condition.

You must perform the following procedure on the database server computer.

  1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Performance Monitor.

  2. Expand Monitoring Tools in the Performance tree view and start the Performance Monitor.

  3. Expand Data Collector Sets in the tree view and right-click on User Defined.

  4. Select New > Data Collector Set from the shortcut menu.

  5. Type the name you want to use for the data collector set, click Create manually (Advanced), and then click Next.

  6. Select Performance Counter Alert, and click Next.

  7. Click Add to open the Add Counter dialog box.

  8. Set the database server name in the Select counters from computer field.

  9. Select the Microsoft SQL Server object in the Available counters section.

  10. Select a counter in the Select counters from list list, and then click Add.

    The new counter displays in the Added counters list.

    Use CTRL+ or SHIFT+ to select multiple objects.

  11. After all counters have been added, click OK to close the Add Counters dialog box.

    To add local counters from a remote computer, you must have one of the following permissions on the computer:

    • Local administrator privilege

    • Be a member of the Performance Monitor Users local group.

  12. Under the Performance counters list, select either Above or Below for the Alert when value.

  13. In the Limit box, enter a threshold value. Depending on the object you selected, the alert will be generated when the value for the counter is more than or less than the threshold value. Click Next to continue.

  14. Click Finish.

    Your new data collector set displays in the User Defined page.

  15. To configure the alerts, double-click on your data collector set name and then right-click the data collector. Select Properties from the shortcut menu.

  16. On the Alerts tab, you can set additional alerts and define the unit of time for the duration of the sample interval.

  17. Set options in the Alert Action and Alert Task tabs to specify the actions to occur each time the alert is triggered.

  18. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box and activate the alert settings.

    For more information about using System Monitor and setting up SQL Server alerts, see the documentation delivered with Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server.