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You must have administrator rights on the computer to install the software. After you complete installation, you can revoke the administrator rights. You do not need administrator rights to run CADWorx.

Installing the software on a network drive is no different than installing it on a local hard drive--specify the target installation drive and folder, and the software installs accordingly. Some networks protect installation folders from subsequent modification. As such, CADWorx Structure requires setting the access rights to the installation folder to write, read and modify in specific folders.

Because CADWorx Structure uses data files specific to the installation that you may need to modify, these files cannot be located in the protected installation folder. Instead, these data files are located in a sub-folded named [Product Folder]\Structure\System and [Product Folder]\Structure\Support. Give users all access rights to both folders.

Although the actual name of the software installation folder can be user-specified, the \System and \Support folder names are fixed and created automatically during the installation process. Renaming either of these sub-folders causes the software to generate errors and fail. Renaming the sub-folders causes the software to generate errors and fail.

If users are allowed to modify the libraries and/or component data files, these default folders must also allow full access. You can find library files in the [Product Folder]\Library folder. After you install the software, you can move these folders to a user-specified location.

When you install the software on a network drive, each client computer must contain the command line directives in the icon to properly locate and run the software.

CADWorx Structure can be run on a network or on stand-alone computers. Three different network installation configurations are possible.

  1. Software is installed on a network drive. A green local hardware lock is attached to all client computers.

  2. Software is installed on a network drive or on individual client computers. A red lock is attached on a network system, and subsequently accessed by multiple users.

  3. Software is installed on a network drive. Local hardware locks and a network hardware locks are used.


  • You must map the network location to a drive. When you install to a Universal Naming Convention location, manually update the profile settings after running the settings on the client computer. Map the network location to a drive such as U:\ for example.

  • The drive letter that you select for the mapped drive of the network location must match the mapped drive letter on the client location. For example, if you install CADWorx Structure from computer X on the mapped drive U:\ to the CADWorx Structure 2018 folder, then that same mapped drive letter U:\ on another client computer must point to the same location.

  • You must install the same version of AutoCAD or BricsCAD in the same location on both the network computer and the client computer. For example, you install AutoCAD 2018 on the network computer, and CADWorx Structure 2018 on the network computer, then you must also install AutoCAD 2018 on the client computer.

  • The install network computer and the client computer must be located on the same network or domain.

  • You must allow the client computer the same levels of read/write access to folders outlined in the Installation Guide.

Network install computer steps:

  • Install CADWorx Structure on the mapped drive letter such as U:\ on the install network computer.

Client computer steps:

After you install CADWorx Structure on the mapped drive from the network install computer, register the CADWorx wrapper on the client computer.

To register the CADWorx 64 wrapper, do the following:

  1. In the Windows search bar, type CMD.

  2. Right-click the Command Prompt option that displays, and select Run as administrator.

  3. Connect to the correct network drive location, as shown below, and then type cd "CADWorx Structure (Version)\Structure\Support".

  4. Type StrCADWorx64register.bat, and then press ENTER.

    CADWorx Struc 64 Reg

  5. Copy the CADWorx Structure icon shortcuts from the network computer desktop to the client computer.

  6. Run CADWorx Structure.