Insert and route from a generic nozzle containing selection codes - CADWorx - Help

CADWorx Spec Editor

20.1 (2020 R1)

Before you can complete this example, you must first complete the Selection Codes Tutorial which sets up the selection codes.

  1. Open CADWorx Plant.

  2. Click File > New.

  3. Select Imperial.dwt (Metric.dwt.).

  4. Click Setup .

  5. Click Configuration Settings.

  6. Select SpecificationDirectory, and then click the ellipsis .

  7. Navigate to [Product Folder]\Plant\Tutorial\Spec, and then click OK.

  8. Select Specification / Size.

  9. Click Browse.

  10. Select Tutorial_Inch.prj (Tutorial_Metric.prj)

  11. Click 150 (150 MM) in Specifications, and then click 4" (100) for main and 2" (50) for reduction.

  12. Click Piping Rules.

  13. Set Apply Gasket Insertion Rule and Apply Bolt Insertion Rule to Flanges Only.

  14. Set Apply Flange Insertion Rule to Show Options.

  15. Click Apply and Close.

  16. Click Nozzle Generic Attach . Alternatively, type ENGENERIC on the command line, and press ENTER.

  17. Select the nozzle flange face point in the drawing.

  18. Select the nozzle buttweld end point in the drawing.

    The Nozzle Generic Attach (Edit) dialog box displays.

  19. Type Equip V-1016 Future in the Description box.

  20. Type V-1016 Future in the Equipment Name box.

  21. Type 0.3370 in the Flange Thickness box.

    This must be higher than zero.

  22. Leave the Flange Type as RFWN.

  23. Select GAS_150, GAS_150A, GAS_150B, and GAS_150C from the Applicable Gaskets list.

  24. Select BLT_150, BLT_150A, and BLT_150B from the Applicable Bolts list.

  25. Click OK.

    The generic nozzle places in the drawing.

  26. Select the generic nozzle in the drawing.

    A plus grip displays.

  27. Click the plus grip point .

    A list of available component types displays.

  28. Select Flanges, and then select [4"] (100) FLG WELD NECK, 150LB, SCH STD, ASTM A105 Part A.

    The selected component inserts with the gasket and bolt allowed by the selected flange.