CADWorx Error Number 1053 - CADWorx - 20.1 - Troubleshooting

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20.1 (2020 R1)

CADWorx 64-bit Wrapper is not registered.

Any of the following might cause this error:

  • The registry key is not created.

  • Windows User Account Control (UAC) is preventing the registration from occurring.

  • Anti-virus software running on the computer might prevent the registration from occurring.

  • You do not have administrative privileges to run the CADWorx64Register.bat file.

Checking the registry key

Before running the CADWorx64Register.bat file, ensure that you have administrator privileges and Windows User Account Control (UAC) is turned off. Also, ensure that the anti-virus software is disabled.

  1. Browse to [Product Folder]\CADWorx\Support\ folder, and double-click on the CADWorx64Register.bat file.

  2. Re-start CADWorx.

  3. To check if the registry key was created, open Run and type regedit to open the Registry Editor.

  4. If the CADWorx 64-bit Wrapper is registered with Windows, the following registry key will be created:


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