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Administrator rights are required on the computer to install the software. After installation is complete, administrator rights can be revoked. Administrator rights are not required to run CADWorx.

Installing the software on a network drive is no different than installing it on a local hard drive--specify the target installation drive and folder, and the software is installed accordingly. Some networks protect installation folders from subsequent modification. As such, CADWorx Design Review requires setting the access rights to the installation folder to write, read and modify in specific folders.

Because CADWorx uses data files specific to the installation that you may need to modify, these files cannot be located in the protected installation folder. Anyone who needs to modify IFC Configuration files must have Full Control permissions to the IFC_Configurations sub-folder.

Although the actual name of the software installation folder can be user-specified, the sub-folder names are fixed and created automatically during the installation process. Renaming any of these sub-folders causes the software to generate errors and fail.

Add CADWorx Design Review shortcut to each client computer desktop so that you can easily locate and run the software.

CADWorx Design Review can be run on a network or on stand-alone computers. Three different network installation configurations are possible.

  1. Software is installed on a network drive. A green local hardware lock is attached to all client computers.

  2. Software is installed on a network drive or on individual client computers. A red lock is attached or SPLM server available on a network system, and subsequently accessed by multiple users.

  3. Software is installed on a network drive. Local hardware locks and a network hardware locks are used.


  • The install network computer and the client computer must be located on the same network or domain.

  • You must allow the client computer the same levels of read/write access to folders outlined in the Installation Guide.

Network install computer steps:

  • Install CADWorx Design Review on the network location

Client computer steps:

  1. Copy the CADWorx Design Review icon shortcuts from the network computer desktop to the client computer.

  2. Run CADWorx Design Review.