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The installation is similar to most other Windows installations. The following information is required:

  • What drive is used?

  • Which License Type CADWorx Design Review use?

  • Where will CADWorx Design Review be installed?

You must be logged in with administrator privileges to run the installer. If you do not have those privileges, the software prompts you to run as an administrator. You must also have elevated privileges to run the silent install instructions.

To install CADWorx Design Review

  1. Open the media received from Hexagon PPM, then double-click to run CADWorxDesignReviewSetup.exe.

  2. Click Start Setup.

    If you have a previous version of CADWorx Design Review installed, the software prompts you with the option to uninstall it before installing the current version.

    • Click Continue to install the current version and retain the previous version.

    • Click Uninstall to remove the previous version prior to installing the current version.

    • Click Exit to terminate the installer.

  3. Type the user name in the User Name box.

  4. Type the company name in the Company Name box.

  5. Select the software required for installation.

  6. Type the location drive and folder in Install Path, or click the browse ellipsis Browse Ellipsis Install PPM Bootstrapper to navigate to a folder. To use the default, click Next.

  7. Select the I agree to the license agreement and conditions check box, and then click Install.

  8. If the User Account Control dialog box displays, click Yes.

    During the installation process, a progress bar displays along with the status of the installation process.

    To view the readme, select the View Readme check box. The readme file displays after you click Finish.

  9. Click Finish.