Restore a SmartPlant Foundation site to a new server - SmartPlant Foundation - Update 22 - Administration & Configuration

Backing Up and Restoring Databases for SmartPlant Foundation

SmartPlant Foundation
Administration & Configuration

Perform the following procedure when you must restore a SmartPlant Foundation application server environment to a new application server.

  1. Install the SmartPlant Foundation product software on the new application server.

  2. On the new server, create a new site using SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager.

    • Create the new site and point to your existing database user, or

    • Use your database backup file (dump file) to create a new database user.

  3. If the old application server also was acting as your file server (that is, your vaults were located on the server), restore your copy of the SmartPlant Foundation vaults (file system folders) to their new location on the new application server.

  4. If your schema has been customized or contains a custom PBS, restore your copy of the EFSchema folder to the new application server and indicate the site’s schema location in Server Manager.

  5. Upgrade the new site using the Server Manager upgrade wizard and update the site, if necessary, so that all software updates are applied from the product directory.

  6. Log on to the new site in SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client and perform the following administrative tasks:

    1. Set your create and query scope as needed.

    2. Create a new host object, naming the host after the server on which the SmartPlant Foundation site is now residing.

    3. Update each vault object to relate it to the new host and ensure the vault path is set to the new location.

    4. Update each organization object to relate it to the new host.

  7. Verify the SmartPlant Foundation file service is set up.

  8. If the PBS had already been registered to the site, you must update the URL for the SmartPlant Foundation site in order to publish and retrieve using the restored database.

  9. In the SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client, click Find > Administration > SmartPlant Foundation Server.

  10. In the list view, right-click SPFREFERENCE–PlantName, and click Update.

  11. Type the correct URL for the new site in the Server URL box.

  12. Repeat the previous step for each SPFWebServer entry. Each of these entries represents a domain that has been registered to SmartPlant Foundation from an authoring tool.

  13. Test the changes by creating a design document and attaching a file to it.

    1. If the file attaches successfully, the SmartPlant Foundation file service is set up properly.

    2. If you get an error that indicates the site is not set up properly, review the error message to determine a solution.

  14. Publish the PBS to verify that the SmartPlant Client is set up correctly.