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Backing Up and Restoring Databases for SmartPlant Foundation

SmartPlant Foundation
Administration & Configuration

The servers that are a part of your SmartPlant Foundation implementation should have a routine backup plan, with full system backups occurring at regular intervals and incremental backups occurring more frequently. The same consideration should be given to backing up SmartPlant Foundation as is given to backing up other mission-critical software in your enterprise.

The following key components of SmartPlant Foundation should be a part of any backup strategy:

  • The SmartPlant Foundation database is stored in a relational database system, either Oracle or SQL Server. If your enterprise does not already have a database backup strategy in place, contact your relational database vendor for information and advice to identify the approach that would best fit your enterprise.

  • SmartPlant Foundation files (vaults) are stored in a collection of file system folders on the SmartPlant Foundation file server. Within SmartPlant Foundation, these folders are referred to as vaults. You should include these folders in your file system backup plan.

The database backups and file system (SmartPlant Foundation vault) backups must be kept in sync so that, in the event of a system outage, they both can be restored to the same point in time.

  • SmartPlant Foundation software should be backed up as part of a system imaging or system recovery strategy within your enterprise. It is important to update your recovery images when any component of SmartPlant Foundation software is updated, when an installation is modified, or when the software is customized.

  • Template, customization, and schema files that are saved on any SmartPlant Foundation server should be included in your system recovery strategy. These files may include report or data sheet templates, integration schema files, customized library files, and so forth.

  • The IIS configuration of the servers that host SmartPlant Foundation software should be a part of your system recovery strategy, including any applications, virtual directories, application pools, security settings, and so forth. Refer to your Windows documentation for details about backing up your IIS configuration.