Backing up and restoring data in SmartPlant Enterprise - SmartPlant Foundation - Update 22 - Administration & Configuration

Backing Up and Restoring Databases for SmartPlant Foundation

SmartPlant Foundation
Administration & Configuration

Timely backups are critical in protecting plant data and ensuring data integrity in the event of a computer failure.

In an integrated environment, data inconsistencies can occur between applications if data is restored from backups that were made at different times. In this case, you must resynchronize the integrated environment by resolving data inconsistencies between the authoring tools and SmartPlant Foundation or SmartPlant Basic Integrator. When all of the integrated applications are backed up and restored at the same time, however, the data remains consistent and the environment remains synchronized.

The following topics in this section provide general backup recommendations and guidelines for restoring and resynchronizing data.

For backup and restore procedures for specific SmartPlant Enterprise products, refer to that tool's documentation.