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Narrow your search results in the Completion History search using the following filters.



Content type

The Content type drop-down list shows all the content types that you have created. If you have not created any content or if you do not use content types, Procedure and Process are the default types.

Asset type

This drop-down list identifies the type of asset. Only applicable for asset documents.


The person who participated in the completion of the content. Values are All, unassigned, or a specific name.

The Unassigned filter locates completions that are active, but from which the users have been removed or for which not all roles have been assigned.


This drop-down list indicates whether or not statements were skipped during the completion of the content.


Indicates if parent, child, or all completions can be viewed. Possible values are All, Child completions, or Parent completions.

Asset ID

A unique identifier for the asset. It is used when identifying the asset on which a document is being performed. You can type all or part of the asset ID, or use * as a wildcard.


Enabled when an Asset type is selected and displays the name of the document.


Indicates the completion status of the content. Possible values are:

  • All

  • Not started

  • Completed

  • Partially completed

  • Cancelled


Data range on which the content was started.


Date range on which the content was completed.

Associated roles

Roles that should be aware of the content, as well as roles involved in performing tasks related to the content.


Displays search results based on domain name. You can type all or part of the Domain and select from the list.

SHARED Tip Only the domains to which you have access are available to select.

Limit results

Limits the results to a specified value. Values are 50, 100, or 250.

SHARED Tip Using Export to Excel exports all tasks within your domain(s), not just the 250 limit.

Workflow completions

Indicates if completions from workflows are to be included or excluded from completion results, This filter also provides an option to show only workflow completions within the results. By default, the filter is set to exclude completions within workflows. Possible values are:

  • Excluded

  • Included

  • Only

Properties that have been configured as "searchable" also display as filters.