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View a completion to view its details and progress.

Before you begin

  • The content must be open in AcceleratorKMS.

  • You have a user account with a role that includes one or both of the following role operations:

    • "View completion history"

    • "View personal completion history"

  • The content is located in the same domain or domain descendants as your role assignment to manage content.

About this task

You can view the progress on the currently active completion to determine the status.

For example:

  • If the content is out-of-date or no work is done on the content, you might want to cancel the completion and start a new completion to ensure you are using the latest version of the content.

  • If the content is in the state that you expect it to be, you might choose to join or resume the completion.

Only the completions that are in your domain or domain descendants appear in the results.


  • Click gear icon > View beside the completion you want to see.

Multiple users with the same role can be assigned to or join a completion.