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Complete your portion of the content.

Before you begin

  • You must be logged in to AcceleratorKMS, using a web browser and content open.

  • You have a user account with a role that includes the "Complete content" role operation.

  • Your user account may also include a role with the "View completion history" or View personal completion history" role operations.

  • The content is located in the same domain or domain descendants as your role assignment to complete content.

  • The content includes a role to which you are assigned.

  • Content must be created for completion.

About this task

If another user has already started a completion to which you are assigned, you can resume the completion.

  • As other users complete steps and add comments, AcceleratorKMS automatically updates the page and you see their activity in real-time. You do not have to refresh the page.

  • If a newer version of the content is published while a completion is in progress, a message appears within the completion to indicate that a newer version exists. The message provides options to either continue with the existing completion or view the latest version. If you chose to start a new completion using the latest version, remember to mark the first completion as Complete, so that it is not left active.


  1. Click Join.

  2. Select your role.

  3. Click OK.

    Your name and role icon now appear as part of the completion.

  4. Click Resume.

  5. Click Latest action button to resume the completion from the last completed step, skipped step, or comment.

  6. For each statement, select the check box to indicate you have completed that statement.

    • Only statements assigned for your role are available for you to complete. Check boxes for other statements are disabled.

    • There is no actual dependency between a statement and its associated sub-statements, therefore, when a statement contains sub-statements, the sub-statements also need to be completed.

  7. If you have completed your statements and are not responsible for the last actionable statement in the completion, you can leave the completion. If you are the person responsible for the last actionable statement and the completion is complete, click Complete.


The completion progress is saved.