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Create, view, edit, or delete completion assignments.

Before you begin

  • You have a user account with a role that includes the "Manage assignments" role operation.

  • The content is located in the same domain or domain descendants as your role assignment.

  • AcceleratorKMS automatically generates a unique completion number for each completion. It is created using the year, month, and a four-digit number that increments and resets monthly. It is seen with the completion details at the top of a completion and in completion search results.

  • In Completion search, the completion number can be used to search for a completion.

About this task

To complete content, a completion is created and assigned to one or more users. Using a similar set of steps for creating, you can also edit or delete a completion assignment.


  1. Navigate to the content to be completed.

  2. Expand the Completions section.

    If you want to create a new completion for others or to manage existing completions, click Manage all.

  3. If you want to manage a specific completion that already exists, click the gear icon > Manage.

  4. Type the required information into each field.

    Managing completions fields



    Select completion

    Indicates the completion being managed. You can use Create new...when creating a new completion assignment or you can select an existing completion from the list.

    [Identifier label]

    This is the identifier associated with the selected completion. For example, work order, Ticket No or other.

    Assign new user

    Allows you to assign a new user to the selected completion. As you start typing, a list populates with user names that match your entry and the required role for the content.

    Multiple users with the same role can be assigned to or join a completion. All assigned users can complete the steps for their role simultaneously.

  5. Click OK.


The completion is assigned and appears in the assignee's Completion list.