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Search and view published documents, start and resume completions, apply completion comments, and sync with AcceleratorKMS when back online.

Before you begin

  • Your version of the Offline mobile app must match the online AcceleratorKMS version.

  • You have a user account with a role that includes the "Complete content" role operation.

  • Your user account may also include a role with the "View completion history" or View personal completion history" role operations.

  • The content is located in the same domain or domain descendants as your role assignment to complete content.

About this task

The AcceleratorKMS mobile app is an offline application you can use in areas with no internet connection. The offline mobile app supports iOS and Android mobile devices.

If you are interested in obtaining the offline mobile app, contact your AcceleratorKMS sales representative.

If your organization has the offline mobile app and plans to upgrade the online AcceleratorKMS version, you must do the following:

  • Sync your offline version prior to the upgrade to ensure completions are not lost.

  • Remove the outdated mobile app and install the new mobile app.


  1. Open the Offline mobile app.

  2. Tap Log in and enter the following credentials:

    • The URL of your AcceleratorKMS server

    • Your username

    • Your password

  3. Tap Log in.

    The document synchronization begins.

    Document synchronization to your device occurs only for:

    • Content that you can access. For example, the access field for that document includes your role in the Access field and also in the same domain or domain descendant to which you are assigned.

    • Content that is published. Draft content does not appear in the app.

  4. When prompted to download offline documents, tap OK.

    The documents are downloaded from the server. After the download is complete, you can search for documents and start completions without an internet connection.

  5. To search for a document, in the menu tap Search and enter part of the document title or description.

  6. Tap the document title in the results and it opens.

  7. Click Start new completion.

  8. Tap Complete when you have finished completing the document. The completion is moved to the Completions page, which is accessible from the menu.

    Loss of cache and completed content. While offline, logging out of AcceleratorKMS or closing the browser tab deletes the cache and all content that has been completed. While offline, stay logged in and keep the browser tab open until you sync your completions back to the AcceleratorKMS server.

  9. Connect to the internet when you are ready to sync your completions back to the AcceleratorKMS server.

    SHARED Tip To ensure completion data is not lost, you must regularly connect to the network to sync your data. AcceleratorKMS recommends a minimum of once a week.

  10. In the menu, tap Sync and log in if prompted.

  11. Tap Sync now.

  12. When prompted to download offline content, tap OK.

    Your completions (partially completed and completed) are uploaded and any new updates to your documents since your last sync are downloaded. When the Last sync screen displays, your synchronization to AcceleratorKMS is done, and your completions on the offline app are removed from your mobile device.

You cannot start a completion with AcceleratorKMS on your desktop device and finish it on your mobile device.

SHARED Tip If you start a completion and have not tapped the Complete button, the completion is considered partially completed and can be resumed at a later time from the Completions screen, at Menu > Completions.