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Complete your content online and continue to work in offline mode when connectivity to the internet is disconnected.

Before you begin

  • You must be logged in to AcceleratorKMS, using a web browser.

  • You have a user account that includes a role with the "Complete content" role operation.

  • You can access the content.

About this task

When completing content online and your internet connection is disconnected, you are able to continue your completion in offline mode until connectivity is restored.

For example, if you know you will be working in an area that does not have a strong internet connection, ensure you open any necessary content in separate tabs, and then start your content completion online. When you enter an area and lose connectivity to the internet, you are automatically switched to offline mode. A banner message is presented at the top of the screen to indicate you are now in offline mode. Continue to complete your completion and do not close or navigate away from any tabs until you are back online and automatically sync with AcceleratorKMS.

  • Enabling this feature requires AcceleratorKMS Support. Work with your AcceleratorKMS representative to have this feature enabled.

  • Working with an intermittent wireless connection supports completions on content with the exception of flow completions. However, if your subdocuments within your flow are open in a separate tab, the subdocument can be completed. The completed subdocuments are synchronized with AcceleratorKMS when the internet connection is restored. When you open your flow for completion, the subdocuments show as completed.

Using a VPN or having a Virtual Ethernet Adapter affects saving steps in a completion following an internet disconnect/reconnect. When a VPN is required to access AcceleratorKMS or the device has a Virtual Ethernet Adapter while starting a content completion and AcceleratorKMS enters offline mode due to the internet connection being disconnected, the Complete button is not available after the internet connection is restored and the steps in the completion cannot be saved. When performing completions in an area that has poor internet connection, it is recommended that VPN is not used and devices do not have any Virtual Ethernet Adapters.


  1. Open the content to be completed in separate browser tabs.

  2. Follow the steps in Completing content online.

  • When your internet connection is disconnected, AcceleratorKMS displays Connection disconnected at the top of the screen.

  • When your connection is restored, AcceleratorKMS displays a Connection restored message at the top of your screen for 3 seconds. You can click the ? icon to get more information.

What to expect while working in offline mode

  1. Only the open completions in your browser tabs can be completed. All other areas of AcceleratorKMS are not available.

  2. Ensure you do not log out of AcceleratorKMS or close the browser tab as the cache and all content that has been completed while offline will be deleted.

    A log out warning message is presented as a reminder if you attempt to log out prior to AcceleratorKMS synchronzing.

  3. Progress on the Completion Activity widget on the dashboard is not updated while in offline mode.

  4. When two users are completing content and both have the same role, take note of what occurs during the following scenarios:

    • If only one user goes offline, the online user's completions and comments take precedence over the offline user. However, any comments that the offline user made while offline are included in the completion history when the connection of the offline user is restored.

    • If one user goes offline and the online user clicked Complete or Cancel prior to the offline user's connection being restored, all comments made by the offline user, after the online user completed or cancelled the completion, are included when the offline user's connection is restored. However, only the online user's comments that were made to the completed or cancelled completion can be edited or removed. The comments that were made by the offline user on the completed or cancelled completion cannot be modified.

When back online, your completion automatically syncs to the AcceleratorKMS server. The Completion Activity widget on your dashboard also updates during synchronization to show the progress made while offline.