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Once the content passes its expiry date, the status is changed from Published to Expired. For expired content to be usable, the Administrator must have enabled the completion of expired content within AcceleratorKMS configurations. If you encounter expired content that must be used and the option to Start a completion is not available, contact your Administrator.

Completions can be performed on documents and flows.

  • Flow completions - Subdocuments and subflows can be jump started or restarted.

  • Content completions - Can be started when AcceleratorKMS is

    • Online.

    • Offline using Offline mobile app (manual sync).

    • Online and internet connection is disconnected (automatic sync when connection is restored).

For all completions, you must be online to fully complete your completion.

The following describes the requirements when assigning/reassigning users and cancelling completions.

  • Assigning and reassigning users to a completion:

    • You must have a user account with the "Manage assignments" role operation to assign other users to a completion.

  • Canceling a completion:

    • You can cancel any completion that you have created or joined.

    • You can cancel a completion if you are the Administrator or you have a user account with the Administrator role assigned.

    • You can cancel a completion if it is out-of-date, or only partially completed and you want to start again from the beginning.

    If you cancel a completion, AcceleratorKMS still maintains a record of that completion. This record can be found in a completions search under the status of Cancelled.

Who should use this guide

This guide is intended for the people who use the content to perform their work functions. These users add comments to the content, to aid in keeping it current. They might also create and perform various tasks related to the content.