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Generate a list of completions to see the current status.

Before you begin

  • You have a user account with a role that includes the "View completion history" or "View personal completion history" role operation.

About this task

If you have a user account with a role that includes the "View completion history" role operation, you can view the list of All, Not started, Completed, Partially completed, or Cancelled for all users. If you have a user account with a role that includes the "View personal completion history" role operation, you can only view your personal completions.

Only the completions that are in your domain or domain descendants appear in the results.


  1. On the menu, navigate to Search and click Completions.

  2. In the Search field, enter either a content title, work order, or the auto-generated completion number.

    • An empty search field returns an unfiltered set of results. You can limit the results to a specified value. Values are 50, 100, or 250.

    • Optionally, you can use the filters to provide a more specific list of content. For example, you can filter by domain to only show results for a specific domain.

    The Export to Excel® feature exports all completions within your domain regardless of whether you specify a result limit.

  3. Click Search.


The completion history search results appears.

Completion history search results display icons to indicate when a completion includes comments, includes data collection input, or was required for a workflow.

What to do next

Here are a few things you can do with the completion results:

  • In the Completion column, click a content name link to see the full completion and any comments that were made.

    From here you can modify the Work order information field, and click Save.

  • Click the Completion, Status, or Created column headers to sort the column in ascending or descending order. Click the column header a second time to reverse the order.

  • In the Progress column, click the name to send an email.

  • Click Export to Excel link to view the results in a spreadsheet.

Content must be published to perform a completion. However, completed content displays with a Draft status if a newer published version exists since the completion was originally performed. The Draft status identifies to the person reading the completion that the version is not the same version as the recently published version.