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Indicate that you have reviewed the published content.

Before you begin

  • This option must be enabled by your administrator.

  • You must be viewing the content.

  • The content must be published.

About this task

AcceleratorKMS has a feature by which all content must be verified by the relevant users within a certain period of time. The verification is used to ensure that the content is accurate and complete, thus meeting the needs of the users. Check with your Administrator to determine how often content must be verified. It is possible that this feature has been disabled by your Administrator. There are two ways to verify content:

  • During a completion. Every time that you complete content, you are also acknowledging it and agreeing with its current state. If there are issues that you notice while you are completing, make comments or create tasks at that time. As long as you complete content once within the specified period of time, then there is nothing more that you need to do.

  • If you have not completed the content within the specified period of time, then follow the steps below. There might be cases when you have not recently completed content and must take action to review and acknowledge it. If enabled, the Verification widget provides you with the number and list content that require acknowledgement or are past due for your acknowledgement.


  1. Read through each statement of the content carefully, ensuring that it is accurate and relevant.

    If changes are required

    1. In the Tasks section, click Create a new task.

    2. Choose the workflow that your organization has created for reviewing content changes.

    This starts a new flow.

  2. After fully reviewing the procedure, click Acknowledge.


The acknowledgement section of the content is updated to show when you last acknowledged the content.