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If another user cannot complete the completion, you can resume it.

Before you begin

  • You must be logged in to AcceleratorKMS, using a web browser.

  • You have a user account with a role that includes the "Complete content" role operation.

  • Your user account may also include a role with the "View completion history" role operation.

  • The content is located in the same domain or domain descendants as your role assignment.

  • The content includes a role to which you are assigned.

About this task

You can resume the completion of other users. For example, if another user was not able to complete a completion, due to a vacation or the end of a shift, you can resume the completion.


  1. Navigate to the completion you want to resume.

  2. Expand the Completions section.

  3. Click Join.

    The partially completed completion is added to your completions list.

  4. Click Resume to start completing the statements.

  5. Click Latest action button to resume the completion from the last completed step, skipped step, or comment.


You can proceed with the remainder of the completion as if it has always been yours. The Completion History shows all users who were assigned to the completion, and includes the steps that each user completed.