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Use the jump start icon to jump ahead or the restart icon to complete a subdocument or subflow more than once or when the the step was previously jumped.

Before you begin

  • An active completion must be open.

  • You have a user account with a role that includes the "Jump start flow steps" and "Complete content" role operations.

  • Your user account may also include a role with the "View completion history" or View personal completion history" role operations.

  • The content is located in the same domain or domain descendants as your role assignment to complete content.

  • There are process steps within the content that includes a role to which you are assigned.

About this task

During a flow completion, you may need to jump ahead and bypass the next step in the flow when it is a subflow or subdocument. You may also need to restart a subdocument or subflow when the content needs to be completed multiple times during an active flow completion. To complete the completion, you have to circle back and restart any process step that was previously jump started.


  1. Follow the steps in Completing content online

  2. If you want to initiate a jump start of a subdocument or subflow, click the Jump start icon when you approach the content that you want to bypass.

    SHARED Tip You can only jump ahead one step in the flow.

  3. If you want to restart a subdocument or subflow

    1. Click the Restart icon.

    2. Enter a comment in the comment field(s).

    3. Click Override.

    4. Click the content title to restart the incomplete subdocument or subflow.

    SHARED Tip If a step with the restart icon has a pending completion, you can click the Content title rather than clicking the restart icon to complete that step.

    • Any pending completions are cancelled and appear in your completion history as cancelled.

    • After restarting this process step, you can now bypass the next step by clicking the Jump start icon, if required.

  4. Click the content title to restart all incomplete subdocuments or subflows.

    All jump started content must be complete to fully complete the completion.

  5. After you finish all previously jump started content, click Complete.