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Intergraph Smart Materials
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Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version
2020 (10.0)

Direct Data Exchange

3D: PDS / Smart 3D / SmartMarine 3D

  • PDS Interface Configuration - Discusses the configurable interface that allows combination of standardization data in different ways with PDS data.

  • Smart 3D Interface Help - Describes the Intergraph Smart 3D interface of Smart Reference Data.

  • Smart 3D How to Add Components for Smart 3D - Describes how to add a new component in Smart Reference Data based on the SDB dataset, ready for Smart 3D.

  • Smart 3D Material Take Off & Nesting Integration - Describes the material take off integration between Smart 3D and Smart Materials.

  • Smart Isometrics Integration - Explains how to configure the Smart Reference Data - Smart Isometrics (formerly named I-Sketch) interface to export catalog data. It also provides an example workflow for a standard export.

  • CADWorx Interface Help - Describes how to configure the CADWorx interface in Smart Reference Data and how to export the data.

  • SmartPlant P&ID Pipe-Spec Test Interface - Describes how the SmartPlant P&ID Pipe-Spec Test Interface can be used to view specs, commodity codes, nominal diameters, option codes, and validate service limits from Smart Reference Data.

  • Design Data Import - Describes how to import engineering and design data from authoring tools, such as Smart 3D or PDS.

  • PDMS Interface - Describes the process for installing and configuring the PDMS interface to ensure optimal integration.

2D: SmartPlant Instrumentation


Smart Construction


  • SAP Material Interface - Gives a general overview to show the interaction between SAP and Smart Materials. The discussion includes Material Master transfer using Smart Materials Idents and the flexibility of configuration that both systems offer.

  • SAP Requisition Interface - Describes the requisition interface between the Smart Materials and SAP software systems. For example, one discussion covers the transfer of requisitions from Smart Materials to MM-Purchase (Material Management) from SAP.