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3D Project As-Built Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx

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The Visualization Data Service (VDS) is required for streaming graphic data to SDx for 3D Project As-Built databases, Update 28 or later. For instructions, see Visualization Data Service Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx.

When setting up the VDS, you must set treeLifespan to a value that is optimal for your company's needs. For example, if you set treeLifespan to 300, the query cache will update every 5 minutes. Any viewing attempt outside the 5-minute window will experience a longer load time; however, the latest changes are viewable every 5 minutes. If you set treeLifespan to 7200, the query cache will update every 2 hours. Any viewing attempt within the 2-hour window will experience a shorter load time; however, it will be 2 hours before the latest changes are viewable. For instructions, see the section on treeLifespan in the display service topic.