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3D Project As-Built Installation and Setup for HxGN SDx

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Installation & Upgrade
SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version

The use of HxGN SDx with Smart 3D enables sustained engineering against PDS, PDMS, and Smart 3D for brownfield projects, and reduces friction between multiple contractors on large greenfield projects.


If you need to install HxGN SDx and set up one or more servers for a 3D Project As-Built implementation, this book explains what you need to do to get the infrastructure prepared and the SDx software ready for use.

For information on what you need to do when installing a new Update for SDx, see Update the VDS Servers.

The high-level workflow for getting SDx ready for 3D Project As-Built follows:

  1. Prepare your hardware and prerequisite software for deployment.

  2. Install SDx (using the 3D Project As-Built serial number) on the required servers (an application server at a minimum--and other distributed servers, like a file server, if needed).

    • Create an SDx site on the application server using the 3D PAB Starter database.

    • Create the Graphic Data Model (GDM) schema using Server Manager.

  3. Set up the Visualization Data Service (VDS) servers (VDS Web Server and main VDS Application Server) either on the application server or on their own separate servers.

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